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●  Inheemse rasse het goeie karkas- en vleisgehalte
Verhoog koeikudde se doeltreffendheid
●  Veilings & Gemiddeldes
●  Inheemse beeste gereed vir aardverwarming
●  Gesonde grond sal sorg vir gesonde beeste
Wenkombinasie met Sussex en Nguni
●  Die rol van diereaantekening in my beesboerdery - Gerrit van Zyl
●  Meat Classification - Time to enter the 21st century
●  The Nguni crisis - What is really going on?
●  The benefits of introducing Nguni cattle to a game farm

●  Why the Nguni adds up to real profit
●  The healthier beef option
●  Excellent income from Nguni calves
●  The Nguni crisis - what is really going on?
●  The Nguniís marketing power
●  The healthier beef option
●  Nguni opgewasse vir warm klimaat
●  Nguni-kruisings gee meer kilogram vleis per hektaar
●  Production potential of Nguni crosses
●  Why the Nguni adds up to real profit
●  Meer wins uit Nguniís in voerkrale
●  Nguni-koei bied ín puik moederlyn
●  Die gesonder, eko-vriendelike opsie
●  Frame Type, Management & Profit
●  Lean meat gain on Nguni weaners
●  Excellent income from Nguni calves
●  The Nguni a superb dam line
●  The Karooís Nguni revolution
●  The Nguni & global warming
●  Feedlot Performance of Nguni Ecotypes in Southern Mozambique
●  Evaluation of communal beef production systems at different production levels and systems
●  Frame Size, Management and Profitability
●  Variance component and heritability estimates for growth traits in the Nguni Cattle Stud at Bartlow Combine
●  Review article:  Towards the conservation of the indigenous cattle of KwaZulu-Natal
●  A Genetic Analysis of the the Bartlow Combine Nguni Stud
●  Factors influencing growth traits in the Nguni Cattle Stud at Bartlow Combine
●  Genomic selection
●  Presies Geformuleer vir Optimale Resultate
●  The affect of age at first calving on the subsequent inter-calving period and number of calves born of Nguni cows
●  Die Nguni Konsep
●  The performance of the Nguni, Afrikander and Bonsmara cattle breeds in developing areas of Southern Africa
●  A note on the early calving of beef heifers
●  Recent research into the production potential of indigenous cattle with special reference to the Sanga
●  Indigenous Cattle Breeds' Performance in Southern Africa: A Bophuthatswana Case Study
●  Meat studies of indigenous Southern African cattle
●  Die invloed van voedingspeil op puberteitsbereiking by Nguni, Bonsmara en Drakensberger-verse
●  Aspekte van groei en voortplanting by Ngunibeeste
●  Influence of first calving age and nutrition on the performance of early mated Nguni heifers
●  Estimation of body weigh on Nguni-type cattle under communal management conditions
●  Adaptive and reproductive traits in Nguni type breed under communal management conditions

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