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●  An Inspector should always be polite
●  An Inspector should always be punctual
●  An Inspector should be attentive and considerate towards the owner / breeders.  Always attempt to iron out any problems and be
    ready to assist, especially the new Breeder, in the correct administrative procedures.
●  Be professional and thorough, check brands ear codes and performance data. Give time for a thorough inspection of each animal.
●  Explain how decisions are arrived at, particularly when an animal is downgraded or rejected.  Try to make a final decision on the day
    and not leave decisions over for a later inspection.  Always try to resolve any dispute which may arise before leaving the farm and if
    necessary advise the office.
●  Under no circumstance may an Inspector accept instructions or commission from a member or non-member for negotiating the
    buying or selling of Ngunis, nor may he/she promote the sale of their own stock whilst doing the inspection.
●  No Inspector may act as an inspector of their own stock.
●  Under no circumstance may an inspection be done by one Inspector. Two inspectors must always be involved in an inspection, of
    which one must be a Senior Inspector.
●  Inspectors should attend a refresher course every two years to update themselves and should keep themselves informed on the
    latest research projects involving the Breed.  A thorough study of available literature from the past is also recommended.
●  No Inspector may undertake to do an inspection without a written directive from the office.
●  An Inspector must be loyal to his Society and fellow Inspectors.
●  An inspector must at all times conduct himself in such a manner so as to promote the aims and declarations of the Society.
●  The conduct of an inspector must at all times be true unto his\her own character and integrity and his\her conduct must under all
    circumstances do the Society proud.
●  An inspector must at all times and under all circumstances act with honesty and dignity and his or her conduct should never
    jeopardize or harm his\her own or the image of the Society.
●  An inspector should never in public question or dismiss the conduct or statements of fellow breeders but should rather direct it in
    writing to the President of the Society.
●  An inspector must agree to submit to the authority of the Council and as such to accept any reprimands from Council in regard to
    unacceptable conduct and even to be suspended after he had been given the opportunity to put his case.
●  An inspector must adhere to a code of confidentiality whenever it is required.
●  When officiating as inspector the following requirements must be met:
●  Procedures determined by Council must be followed at all times
         ●  To act as ambassador for the relevant breed
         ●  To ensure that my conduct will elicit the respect of fellow breeders

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