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Schedule X
Requirements for donors of semen destined for transfer, sale or export

●  Herd book section
Bulls must be registered as Appendix B or SP

●  Ownership
Must be registered in the name of the active member who is making the application or belong to a recognised A.I. station

●  Inspection
(a) Bulls must have been approved by at least two inspectors specifically appointed by the society (at least one of which should always be a senior) and score an average of ≥ 7 with no score less than 6, on the official score sheet, at a special inspection held for this purpose (A score of 5 for the sheath is the ideal).
(b) Must display no signs of genetic or chromosomal defects

●  Progeny
inspection 75% of presented females must pass inspection 50% of the presented males must pass inspection

●  DNA profiling
The DNA Lab number must be registered

●  Data verification
Dam of bull:
Inter calving period (ICP) ≤ 390 days (4% better than the breed average)
Reproductive index (RI) ≥ 104 (4% better than the breed average)
The Society will ensure the accuracy and completeness of the bull’s pedigree, production and progeny data.

●  Legal
All other relevant legal requirements, as prescribed by the Act, must be adhered to, including all veterinary requirements such as the submission of “Schedule O” forms

Remember that only the Registrar has authority to issue export permits for animals or genetic material, not the Society.

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