2018 - Performance of Nguni and Nguni x Angus Calves
  2017 - Investigation into the precision feeding of Nguni Cattle under feedlot conditions
  2017 - Performance of Nguni cattle in a feedlot environment
  2016 - The Inheritance of coat colour genes in Nguni Cattle
  2016 - Ectopic position of duplicated c-KITgene, detected by FISH, is associated with color sidedness in Nguni breed
  2015 - Cow Values, a combined genetic Selection Index for South African Beef Cattle breeders: A Case Study for the Nguni breed
  2014 - An investigation into the population structure of the Nguni cattle breed
  2013 - An investigation to determine the reasons why feedlot buyers pay lower prices per kilogram for Nguni calves
  2012 - Nguni Cattle Breeders' Society in collaboration with IDC Nguni Cattle Development Projects
  2011 - The evaluation of culling reasons used by the Nguni Cattle Breeders' Society
  2010 - Nguni - The Breed from the Past for the Future 1
  2010 - Nguni - The Breed from the Past for the Future 2
  2009 - Changes in the reproductive parameters of Nguni cattle over the last 20 years
  2008 - The effect of age at first calving on the subsequent inter-calving period and number of calves born of Nguni cows


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